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Site update – “Modern Life” project

“Modern Life” is another of my Street Photography based personal projects that I have recently added to the site. The theme, as the name suggests, is modern urban life. Urbanisation and technology have increased the pressures and pace of modern life and this project attempts t0 capture the resulting feeling of loneliness and separation that… Read More

Site update – projects

The latest update to my site is now complete and I have added in a Projects section where I will showcase some of my personal projects on specific themes. The first two projects posted are “Between The Steel & Glass” ( which is a street photography project; and “Art of Architecture” ( which includes fine… Read More

New York City Spring

My review of New York City

It’s very clean (no litter) but at the same time grimy and run down. I like the style, it feels like a comfortable pair of old jeans.

Lots of mediocre, grab and go, food but equally loads of great restaurants. Some cheap, some expensive…. something to suit everyone.

there is an air of aggression with drivers constantly hooting and pedestrians with a “get out of my face” attitude…. but its all for show. As an Englishman I don’t really like anyone that I haven’t known for at least 20 years being friendly to me but I will make an exception for New Yorkers. It feels far more genuine than in LaLa or SF. Random strangers were coming up to me and asking/talking about Photography while I was shooting.

Theatres up the wazoo. Literally, you can’t move for tripping over theatres which is great for culture lovers.

Rugby – HKU vs Causeway Bay

With the Old Mutual International Premiership taking a break this weekend I was at So Kon Po to shoot two matches between HKU and Causeway Bay. Wizards vs Tempest First up was a Championship match between HKU Wizards and Causeway Bay Tempest. The Tempest were the current holders of the Old Mutual International, Championship Challenge… Read More

Season Finale – HKRFU Premiership

Saturday 18th Feb saw the culmination of the regular season in the Men’s Premiership and the KPMG Women’s Premiership. With Societe Generale Valley teams topping both the Men’s and Women’s Premiership tables, Happy Valley was the place to be for the final games of the regular season. Societe General Ladies Black went into their… Read More